Helpful Links

Here are some potentially helpful links on your journey…

(These lists are not meant to be exhaustive by any means!)

Useful books

(I have no formal relation with any of these authors or publishers, but the below might be affiliate links to help support this site!)

Cracking the PM Interview by Gayle McDowell and Jackie Bavaro: THE most helpful book for preparing for PM interviews. Must-read.

Cracking the Coding Interview by Gayle McDowell: Useful for learning technical concepts that might come up (warning: goes into too much technical depth for most PM interviews)

The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman: Great introduction on design thinking

Introduction to Algorithms aka “CSLR” after its authors: Way overkill for PM interviews, but may be interesting for the more academically inclined folks


Tech news & analysis

Big publications:

Tech Crunch

The Verge




Premium news outlets:

The Information: Great tech-focused reporting, but expensive subscription


Blogs / analysis from prominent voices:

Stratechery (Ben Thompson): Great analysis, especially of the intersection of tech and media; offers one free article per week, or daily articles for a subscription


Online learning

Introductory programming / CS

CS50 (Harvard’s intro CS course): A super popular course that puts all its materials online; great place to start

Coursera: Lots of good CS (and other) courses

Udacity: Lots of good courses, mostly technically focused

EdX: Another portal of great university courses


Targeted learning

Python 101: Starts from the basics

Django documentation: Has a tutorial for starting up your own site / project, which is useful to follow to learn about how web frameworks work