Chapter 3: The product interview

Product interviews across tech companies tend to follow the same patterns. Read about what tech companies want to see in product interviews, and learn helpful frameworks for approaching this type of question.

Contents of this chapter include:

3a. The product interview framework: Fundamentally, you can use this framework to approach any product-centric question

3b. Other topics for product questions: Some additional types of questions that an interviewer might throw at you

3c. Product interview example 1: The infamous “What is your favorite product and why?” question, deconstructed

3d. Product interview example 2: The equally infamous “Design an X for Y” question

3e. Pacing of answers: Some advice on how in-depth your product interview answers should be

3f. Sizing questions: Learn some tips for a different type of question that often comes up in product interviews

3g. Fit questions: You can’t avoid these, so here are some additional tips on how to deal with these