Chapter 2: Coming from the business world

Lots of people want to transition from a business role to tech and product management. Learn how to set yourself apart from this crowd, and how to appeal to tech companies with your background.

Contents of this chapter include:

2a. Challenges transitioning from the business world: It’s not going to be easy to switch careers, so you should be aware of what you’re facing

2b. How to look for a position: Some tactical advice on how to begin looking for the right job

2c. What to do to prep: More tactical advice on what you should be doing to prepare for engaging with a potential employer

2d. Tactics for setting yourself apart: A lot of people are trying to transition from a business function to a PM role; learn how you can distinguish yourself from this crowd

2e. Ways to demonstrate interest in tech: You’re applying to a job in tech, but how can you prove to the interviewer that you’re serious?