Hi – I’m Allen. I’m a PM at one of the big tech companies, but I consider myself somebody who transitioned from the “business world” (many years ago at this point). Having worked in investment banking and corporate strategy before finding my way to tech, I didn’t realize how lucky I was to have stumbled upon the PM track. I went to business school to round out my education, but there I learned that a lot of my classmates were also interested in making the transition from somewhere else to tech, and especially to product management.

After dozens of calls with people to help give advice for the PM job hunt, I decided to sit down and actually write down some of my often-repeated advice.

You, the reader, should take this writing for what it is: the opinions and advice of one person.  I may be a PM now, but I’m only intimately familiar with my own experience and what I’ve seen and heard from others. I can in no way guarantee that you’ll land the PM job of your dreams, but hopefully this advice will help more than hurt 🙂