On a PM Job Hunt?

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Preparing for a Product Management interview?

Curious about what a Product Manager actually does?

Trying to transition to the tech industry from the business world?


This is an experimental / WIP online blog with advice on looking and interviewing for a PM job. The different chapters of this guide will include:


Chapter 1: What is a PM?

Learn what exactly a PM does, and how PM roles differ from company to company. Show a prospective company during the interview that you understand what the responsibilities of the role are.


Chapter 2: Coming from the business world

Lots of people want to transition from a business role to tech and product management. Learn how to set yourself apart from this crowd during the interview, and how to appeal to tech companies with your background.


Chapter 3: The product interview

Product interviews across tech companies tend to follow the same patterns. Read about what tech companies want to see in product interviews, and learn helpful frameworks for approaching this type of question.


Chapter 4: The technical interview

Not all PM roles are technical, but most tech companies want some assurance that you have at least a basic understanding of technical concepts. Find out what you’re expected to know and how to study for it, even if you don’t have a computer science background.


Chapter 5: Learning to code

Knowing how to code is not necessary to become a PM, but can be a powerful signal to any hiring company. Discover some tips on how to embark down this path, if you’re interested in doing so.